Hello Smokers & Friends,

It looks like the good old days of going to a pub or clubs & "smokin' a fag" have come to an end.
From Sunday 1st July 2007, all enclosed public spaces in England will be designated as no smoking.

The bans has worked in Ireland & Scotland, although comedy clubs have died a death, too!

All is not lost - PAIPO is an ideal smoking substitute, it contains NO NICOTINE & you don't light it, but it feels like the real thing.

PAIPO comes in 4 refreshing flavoured inhalers

Spearmint -

Honey & Lemon -

Grapefruit -


If you're trying to quit smoking, PAIPO's different - it's cool & refreshing & you can use it in conjunction with other therapies, like nicotine patches, nicorette gum or Zyban.

PAIPO looks cool too. At work or play, it's a perfect crutch for when you cannot smoke.

Each pack contains three nicotine free inhalator, each individually blister wrapped to guarantee freshness & hygiene.

Each PAIPO is kept fresh with a pen lid at one end & a plunger at the other. The plunger stores in the lid while you're 'smoking' your PAIPO. When you've finished, put the lid & plunger back in and use it again & again. One can last you a couple of weeks.

PAIPO is ideal for travelling - whether on a plane, train or bus, you cannot be stopped from enjoying your PAIPO.

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"I'm pregnant and I must quit smoking." Abby, USA

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"I've tried everything to quit smoking, PAIPO is the cheapest & easiest way to stop." Steve - London

Irish Republic: March 2004
Scotland: March 2006
Northern Ireland: April 2007
Wales: April 2007
England: July 2007

Invented in Japan 25 years ago, the ritual feel of using PAIPO has helped more people give up smoking than any other therapy there.

If you have any questions regarding PAIPO, contact sales@paipo.org.uk


"I was a 20 a day smoker and it helped me to cut down to 5 a day, now I am pregnant and I stopped completely so it helps to have the PAIPO as a back up when I get the occasional craving." Mrs.C., Nth. London

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